Yes, that’s right, I’m cleaning out my vinyl collection. All are in very good condition and some are quite hard to come across/rare. I’m sadly having to pass on my collection as I need the money and would rather them go to loving home instead of collecting dust in my cabinet.
shipping cost within Australia - $8
shipping cost internationally - $12

Picture 1&2 - The Horrors - Primary Colours 12” (in excellent condition, never been played) - $70

Picture 3&4 - The Horrors - Strange House 12” (in good condition, slight crease mark bottom right hand corner, never been played) - $60

Picture 5&6 - The Horrors maxi single - Shadazz 10” (excellent condition, quite hard to find, never been played) - $35

Picture 7 - The Horrors - She is the new thing 7”.
Gold B-side - Sister Leonella.
Silver B-side - Draw Japan (Dandi Wind Remix).
(both gold and silver edition with different B-side tracks. In excellent condition, never been played, very hard find) - $50 for the set or $25 for one.

Picture 8 - The Horrors - Gloves 7”.  
Gloves on the left B-side - Death at a 
chapel live.
Gloves on the right B-side - Kicking Kay.
(Two versions that create a set/picture. both excellent conditions, never been played) - $50 for the set of $25 for 1.

Picture 9 - The Horrors - Count in Fives 7” (45RPM)
B-side - A knife in their eye.
(excellent condition, never been played, very hard to find.) $25

Picture 10 - Spider and the flies - Metallurge
A-side - Metallurge
B-side - Desmond Leslie
(The side project of Tomethy Furse and Rhys Webb from The horrors. first limited edition single release. Very very rare and hard to come by.)

If anyone is interested or wants more information please inbox me. some of these are hard to come by and are very great collectables if you’re a Horrors fan.

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